Who Are We?

Certainly, sport is a healthy way of life… Instructors have specialized and  they care with you one to one are very important. Because in recent times due to injury in the gym often knock the door of orthopedics. The most established Pilates studio in Nisantasi is opened the door to have a healthy life in Pilates Point by experts in this regard as Mert Okten and Ertan Durak.

With a close friendship nearly 20 years, we were able to open our own studio in 2007, which is a common dream for both of us at a young age. At that time, Pilates was not popular, yet, as today and there was no Pilates studio in Nisantasi. We were be first center of Pilates area by establishing Pilates Point Studio in Nisantasi.

Our purpose, Pilates is an exercise to promote health-oriented and teach…