Pilates is a physiotherapy-based rehabilitation method that all over the world recognized. Pilates that can be applied a preservative to prevent problems that could arise in the muscular and skeletal system (for example; waist hernias, neck hernia, neck flattening, scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis etc.), occurring in muscle and skeletal problems after treatment followed by doctors for can be applied in order to make exercise constantly supportive treatment. Pilates exercises provides to be healthier spine, body’s posture is won to in the correct position. One of the most important features of Pilates is open inter the vertebraes when the body by flexing. Also, Pilates exercise which is done thanks to the work with continuous, regular and rational way, we can make easier, more natural and more satisfying in our daily work.


Exercise in the halls of the exercise program indicates an encouraging trend continued protection muscle strength and continuous increase strength. In this way, strong muscles become stronger muscles and weak muscles become weaker. A distinguishing feature of the Pilates method from other methods, running in a balanced way muscles in the body. At the same time, the results obtained with exercises in the Pilates method continues after leaving the exercises.

Who can do it?

Pilates exercises can be implemented easily by people of all ages is an exercise system. Also Pilates exercises for individuals with disabilities so that they can be adapted to the physical and mental relaxation, alignment and body awareness can be achieved.