Type of Courses

  • Single Course

    Using different equipment with a teacher one to one for approximately one hour course is our choice for you. We recommend the singles courses to those people who have not previously Pilates, because, the aim of Pilates which control the body in order to reach a balanced muscle development, coordination and proper alignment of the person must be able to provide. This skill allows you to earn by working are accompanied by our professional teachers.

    Our packages include ‘1-4-8-16-24

  • Duet Course

    We offer the option of getting together with a friend to you in Duet Course. We are aiming to increase your motivation with these courses that we recommend to more experienced students, while come to courses. At this point, we wish to draw your attention is friend’s body structure, age, to show with Pilates information to you is the necessity of proximity.

    Our packages include ‘8-16-24’

  • Trio Course

    Three people together can apply the lesson is our choice. Because we work with a group, you will see the motivational benefits about your spiritual continuity.

    Our packages include 8-16

  • Four Course

    We recommend to choose this course, you must have done forty hours of Pilates working.

    Our packages include 8-16

  • Open Hour

    Our this course choice lasts for one hour are dedicating two different classes. The first is for interested in Pilates beginner level students. Beginner level class under the supervision of expert instructors and the course’s time is organized by the instructors. Contributions for this course is limited to four people.

    The second is for students in higher levels. In this course options, students using all equipment in the Pilates Salon, make own exercise and follow own exercise series in freely. Our expert instructor has to intervene in them where you need it. Contributions for this course is limited to five people.

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