• What is the Pilates?

    Pilates is a kind of exercise program which running the your body’s musculoskeletal system and in this way, your desired to will have a body shape, will provide to grow old without get old, will enjoy a painless life, in every moment that you walk on this road filled with discoveries and will allow to reach the happiness you’re looking for. Using correct use of breath, correct body posture and alignment, we provide our mind-body togetherness with Pilates and we realize that our muscle groups which is balanced and working in harmony.

  • Pilates is done When?

    Pilates is a special exercise system, must be at least two times per week with regular for rehabilitate our bodies without any age limit, to live a healthy and energetic life, when we do not have any health problem, there are our muscle-joint pain, in our posture disorders, we want to do exercise as a hobby.

  • Pilates is done Where?

    Pilates is done in Plates Point Studio that called ‘opened the first Pilates studio in central district of Istanbul’ with educated and self-renewing athletes team. Pilates can also be done on the mat with our own body weight according to the Pilates principles as control, coordination, centering, precision and on equipment such as reformer, cadillac, trapeze.

  • Pilates is done Why?

    The main aim of Pilates is to recognize a person’s body, posture correction, the smallest and until that day to discover the existence of the muscles that feel, that the balance of body movements controlled and  to increase the flexibility of the body. Pilates is the most universal exercise program for these purposes. We get away with Pilates with using rehabilitative purposes from the experienced pains and discomforts while doing our daily work and we may soon discover that our quality of life increases, consisting low back, neck pain, hernia, wrong move, small injuries resulting from our improper walk.

  • Pilates is done with Whom?

    Accurate, specific and safe opportunity to do Pilates exercises can be found in Point Studio that the first Plates studio of Nisantasi and under the aegis of Balanced Body University, with team manages Ertan Durak and under the leadership of team national athletes Mert Okten with master trainer degree, international certificate holder, expert and experienced Lale Cangal, Zuhal Coskunsu, Ozge İsfendiyaroglu, Tugba Kosucu and Burcu Incekara.

  • Pilates is done How?

    Pilates is the exercise program with one to one expert instructors with after data emerged personalized posture analysis that set for your expectations, complaints with set specific exercise programs for you and with equipment designed for this purpose in Plates Point Studio. In addition to one to one course options, duet, trio and group lessons options are also offered.